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Luck of the Draw

Today would have been my Mother’s 97th birthday.  I was lucky to be her daughter, even though growing up I didn’t like to be told that I was just like her.  When I was 10, she told me that other children were the blessed “luck of the draw” for their parents, but that she was especially lucky because she got to “choose” me. Mom was not a particularly superstitious person, but she did believe in luck. Here are some of her lessons in luck:

♣ Luck is about positive expectation – expecting the best of yourself and others

♣ Luck is reaping what you sow – sow good seed and you reap a healthy harvest

♣ Luck rebounds – it means appreciate what you have and find ways to serve others. Create luck for them and it comes back to you

♣ Luck is a belief – belief in who you are, the value you bring and the relationship you have with yourself

March is that month that benchmarks the ending of winter,  the anticipation of spring and frequently brings to mind Easter and of course, St. Patrick’s Day. March screams new beginning! As a friend of mine pointed out: March 4 is the only imperative on the calendar: March Forth!

One of my favorite definitions of luck: “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” We make our own luck by the attitudes we carry, the actions we take on a daily basis, the people we put around us and the choices we make.  Start to think of yourself as being lucky. Use the lessons of  luck, then start to see all the opportunities that arise from that positive expectation!

I learned those lessons and continue to practice them.  Yes, I was indeed lucky to be my mother’s daughter – I am SO much like her, and proud of it! HAPPY 97th BIRTHDAY, MOM!

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