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Know Thy Customer

I love finding business owners that truly “get” customer service.  They know what it takes to create customer loyalty.  They know that price is rarely why people continue to return to their businesses. They understand that focusing on the relationship and value you bring supersedes overpricing to make a profit. They know that if you take care of your customer, provide a quality product or service, give them a fair price and truly keep their best interest in mind, business will flow back to you in droves…over and over again.

I was talking with a new friend who is an entrepreneur extraordinaire and owned a very popular college bar. He told me about how he trained his servers and bartenders. He even gave them the option of trying it their way, first.  After the first week of their way, he showed them HIS way.

What was this magic he shared with them? It’s not difficult.  It’s grounded in really knowing your customers.  Here were his expectations for his employees about their customers:

  • Know their names, USE their names
  • Know their significant others’ names
  • Know their majors
  • Know what they drink

One week after using the owner’s customer service principles, the servers’  tips DOUBLED!

Lesson: customer loyalty and retention is ALL about the relationship and how customers are treated. You can’t treat customers exceptionally well if you don’t know them. Get to know your customers and really care about them – you’ll see the difference!

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